Bring innovations for the current and future LIVES


LIV3D UP was founded in March 2020 by two mechanical engineers with experience gained across different industries and the determination to facing new challenges using new manufacturing technologies.

Technologies change people’s lives in different ways every day. Our mission is to be part of those changes, design, and create ideas using eco-solutions to bring people to the next step of the future, in 3D printing technologies, making things possible in different ways.


We are developing those ideas with revolutionary manufacturing technologies and find eco-solutions to people’s needs. Moving forward constantly to break the limits and making a real difference using our 3D printing technologies.

Cost and time reduction

Accelerate product development with rapid prototyping and launch it to the market, increasing the manufacturing speed and guarantee fair prices. Optimize, test, and evaluate products before launch for production using CAD modeling and simulations software.

Our Team

Our innovative team of mechanical engineers with the skills and experience to achieve from the concept to the revolutionary product. We are focus on expanding manufacturing capabilities to bring new technologies, materials, and products to the market.