Innovation for the next generation


Product Development

Our innovation is related to the people’s needs, support and meet customer demands looking for ideas. We will continue accelerating the ideas from design to the market to bring high-quality products.

3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Using the best capabilities, tools, and solutions to develop great product designs. Transforming the innovate ideas to bring it out to the market. Bringing designs to the real end-use products to provide benefits to our customer’s needs.

3D Printing

This manufacturing process helps to accelerate concept design and build complex geometries easier. It allows us to iterate, create and build fully functional prototypes or customized parts. Parts are built with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), one of the most additive manufacturing technologies for rapid prototyping.


What is 3D Printing?

Additive manufacturing process with a versatile method of production from a design.

How is the process of 3D printing works?

Start with the design model in your CAD software. After completing your modeling, you must save your 3D model on a .STL file to export your design to the desired 3D printer slicer software, save it as G-code on an SD card, and print. Once you manufacture your 3D model, evaluate, and improve your design (if needed).

What are the 3D Printing benefits?

Build parts on 3D printing gives better-quality products, easily accessible, faster production, and lower cost. You can produce designs with complex geometry and rapid prototyping.

What materials can be used in 3D printing?

The most common materials are plastics, resin, metals, carbon fibers, and ceramics but there are a few of other material types.


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